Sally Pickle, admissions associate, with some of the props

Rivergate Health Care Center in Riverview, Michigan, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival, by bringing the grooviness to the residents, families and associates Aug. 15-17, 2019.


The facility was decorated with peace signs, tie-dye, smiley faces and bright colors, and associates enjoyed dressing the part, from bell-bottom pants to tie-dye shirts. The days were filled with live entertainment, food and pictures galore.


On day one of Rivergate’s Woodstock, the residents received peace sign glasses and necklaces to join in the festivities. Paul Koniarz (who also dressed the part) and DJ Matt shared their rendition of some of the music that was played at the original Woodstock festival. Residents and associates enjoyed hot dogs, peace sign cookies and salad for lunch. They also celebrated resident Ernie Mathews’ birthday with cake and balloons.


“Ernie told us that he attended Woodstock and remembers sleeping on the ground and that the crowd was large,” said Jamie Bridges, activity director. “We all enjoyed his story and were happy to be here to celebrate with him.”


Day Two continued the festivities and lots of spirit. A father-and-son duo provided live music, and residents, associates and families were able to catch the spirit of 1969 at the photo booth with a variety of props, such as flowers, a bus poster, sunglasses, hats, a tie-dye backdrop and more. Everyone enjoyed capturing the moment, and many were surprised to be given the photos right away to take back to their rooms and homes. Before the day ended, residents, associates and family members enjoyed some time outdoors, capturing the moment with music and dancing in the front parking lot.


Day Three was a little more laid back but still captured the Woodstock spirit with music CDs and Woodstock Bingo. Prizes included Cosmic Brownies, tie-dye bags and pillows and necklaces.


“Residents, families, and staff continued to talk about the last few days and how fun it was to see the staff and residents so involved,” said Bridges.

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