Rivergate Complex associates

Rivergate Terrace and Rivergate Health Care Center, which together make up the Rivergate Complex, were recently both named 2020 Best Nursing Homes by Newsweek magazine.


With the aging Baby Boomer population, Newsweek compiled a list based on data from Statista Inc., a worldwide data research firm.


“We analyzed over 15,000 nursing homes in the U.S. and have recognized award winners in 20 states,” Nancy Cooper, global editor in chief, said in a letter placed on the Newsweek website.


Four hundred six skilled nursing centers made the Best Nursing Homes list. Rivergate Terrace ranked 22nd in the state, with Rivergate Health Care Center ranking 23rd.


Statista determined the Best Nursing Homes based on a combination of survey results from medical experts and data on staffing, health inspections and quality measures from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as of July 2019. Twenty states were included in the study.


“We are honored to be named a Best Nursing Home by such a well-known and respected publication,” said Amelia Jones, executive director at Rivergate Terrace. “This means a lot to our team to be recognized for the work that they do every day in caring for our residents.”


Michelle Peeper, executive director at Rivergate Health Care Center, added, “We’re pleased to have been named together. We both share a commitment to resident-first care in addition to sharing a campus.”